Permit Expediting For Suffolk County & Nassau County

****Attention Real Estate Brokers and Agents****

I am happy to introduce myself, Christine, and my company, ACCURATE EXPEDITING, to you. I have been an expediting consultant for approx. 30 years. My services include:


I am sure when selling a house you have encountered many issues that might slow down or even stop the sales process. Some of these issues might include:
an illegal addition, deck or pool. This is where I can help. I will fill out the correct paperwork, bring it to the appropriate department at the town and follow through the issue is resolved. Meetings will also be attended as needed to resolve any problem.
I have a friendly working relationship with all the towns. My rates are far less than attorneys with the same results. I love what I do and 
I strive to answer the phone every time a client calls.
If you need my assistance feel free to call me at my office
631-422-9700 or on my cell phone at 631-921-3040.

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